Unique Beaches You Must See in the United States

Written by Sherlynn Rocha


Summer is right around the corner and what better place to relax than the beach. These ten unique beaches are both beautiful and a necessity for your inner beach bum. Experience fine sands to seashell paradise, all without a passport.

Pfeiffer Beach (Big Sur, CA):

If you plan to visit the purple sands (which by the way comes from manganese garnet particles) the best time would be morning right as the sun rises. Pfeiffer Beach is not a known tourist spot, but according to online reviewers it is a must see. It holds nice waves for a quick surf, but provides an even better view.

Dry Tortugas Beaches (Florida):

Dry Tortugas Beach (also translated as Dry Turtle Beach) is the star attraction for those looking for the crystal clear, blue ocean front and the perfectly white powdered sand that warms the skin with every touch. These island chains were first found in 1513 and named “Tortuga” because of the amount of turtles seen on land and around the tropical area. Now, it’s a place for people to run to when they need some tropical island fun.

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore (Empire, Michigan):

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is more than a beach it is known for its natural dunes formations and glacial phenomena. These dunes are 400 feet above Lake Michigan and 65 miles along it. This magnificent beach was nominated by ABC News as the most beautiful place in America.

Papakolea Beach (South Kau Big Island, Hawaii):

If you’re seeking a big adventure leading up to a breath-taking view, then Papakolea Beach is the place to go. This beach is known for its green sand which derives from a semi-perilous stone called Olivine. The green sand is already such a rare sight to see, once you see the deep blue ocean and the green scenery that surrounds it, it will all just be icing on the cake!

Bowling Ball Beach (California):

Bowling Ball Beach attracts those looking for a nice place to relax and watch the sunset or spend their days sulking in sun from up above while enjoying the green grass as the waves glisten and crash from below. Bowling Ball Beach originated it’s name from the boulders that appear at the low tide. This secret and perfect  escape can be accessed 4 miles from Schooner Gulf State Beach. Nothing better than an adventurous hike and a remarkable scenery to end the day.

Moshup Beach (Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts):

Looking for a beach secluded from the crowd? Moshup Beach offers the tropical atmosphere people search for while it’s pristine backdrop of the Aquinnah Cliffs asserts itself in the horizon of the sparkling blue ocean. This beach is an unforgettable sight that will have you raving about it for the rest of your life.

Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach (Hana, Hawaii):

Kaihalulu is described as being the most dramatic and beautiful cove ever in existence. It’s known for it’s deep rooted red color in the sand, created from lava cinders. The beach provides little tides and rocks for children to explore, along with the ability to sight see rare bird such as Iwa or the Koae Kea flying above the ragged and rich waters. It’s a beautiful destination to relax and get away from the world.

Sanibel Island (Florida):

Sanibel Island is a shelling beach with an endless horizon of water and contains perfectly white powdered sand all across the coast. It’s a place to collect treasures from the sea while having shops and lovely restaurants easily accessible for your convenience. Sanibel Island is the popular beach to visit in Florida when looking for that perfect balance of both tropical and metropolitan.

Coronado Central Beach (Coronado, California):

Coronado Central Beach is known as one of America’s finest beaches. It features glistening sands from the mineral Mica in the sand. It’s the perfect place to go for surfers, swimmers, sunbathers, and beach bums due to it’s flat surface and remarkable waters. And to top it off, it’s a perfect spot for a romantic getaway with subtle waves and, of course, an engagingly beautiful view.

Baker Beach (San Francisco, CA):

Baker Beach has the full package. It has the sun, sand, and the wonderful San Fransisco Bridge as the backdrop. I’m sure you’ve spotted this place here and there from movies or posts on social media. Well Baker Beach is the go to tourist spot you have to experience when taking a trip to the big SF. And the best part?  It allows you to bring your loving, furry pets along with!

Never seen beaches like these? Now is the best time to get planning. So when you begin to plan your paradise getaway this summer make sure you visit one of these beautiful beaches. Experience something better and more magical than your average beach. Make it a lifelong experience to share with the family. Let your beach bum live on!