why travel alone

Why Travel Alone?

Written by: Kaila Walker

So, most articles will tell you traveling alone you will “find yourself”. In my experience, it’s just made me question myself. Any beliefs or core values I had were thrown out the window or really brought to life.


Traveling alone is the one time you are forced to put massive energy into what you want. The questions you begin to ask and decisions you begin to make will shed light on your actual interests, rather than what you want them to be. Do you like places like Tahiti with sunshine and isolation or do you prefer a big city with a lot going on? Is that because you love that ‘easy’ or rushed lifestyle? And what kinds of people would you love to meet?

Once you ask yourself where you would go if money wasn’t an option and WHY- then you pick your dream itinerary. You can start daydreaming about what would really spice up your life, instead of worrying about what the group would like to do and how everyone can be incorporated.

Your itinerary can be anything from lying on an exotic beach and reading, going on a hike and meditating or going to amazing events with loads of people you’d love to be associated with. None of these answers are wrong; in fact, they are all great experiences. Traveling alone lets you skip the museum you don’t care to learn the history of, or safe a day trip to that landmark you really don’t care for.


Not only are you forced to have conversations outside of your comfort zone, but you will gain skills talking to people of different cultures. Whether you start slowly start becoming conscious of cultural ‘no-no’s’ in conversations, or just become better to talking to people as a whole, the energy you give off will most likely be more approachable.


Whenever traveling alone, I’m always on my ‘A-game’. What do I mean by that? Well, I’m so much more observant of my surroundings or any suspicious activity because I am no longer a member of the buddy system. I am not getting lost in conversations with my friend, but in the smells and sights of my surroundings. Although this does not sound relaxing, I can really take in every part of where I am traveling.

Another thing you may not have noticed: you take less pictures of yourself. Selfies and selfie sticks only go so far traveling alone. I find I take many more pictures of my surroundings rather than me posing with my friends at them. I am less conscious of how I look, and more worried about if the picture does the landmark or scenery justice.

If you’ve ever traveled alone make sure you leave a comment saying not only where – but what was your biggest benefit was.