Do you keep asking the Universe for something and STILL nothing is happening? Watch this.

This video is all about why your prayers aren’t working and how to get anything you want. This video is not meant to be religious or bash any religious practice. I actually do go to church and got this video idea when some friends from church were upset with God/the Universe for ‘holding out on them’. But, there are clear reasons why your prayers aren’t working and why you might not be ready for them to be answered.

Prayer is amazing because it gets you connected to that higher power, if you believe in one. Whether it be prayer, manifestation, vision boards etc., you are acknowledging that you want or need something in your life.

Prayer is great for identifying something you want or need if your life, IF you’re identifying the right thing! Make sure you dig deep onto what the real issue you’re struggling with is. You have to know the issue to fix the issue. Make sure you are setting yourself up for what you want.

For example, if you ‘hate your life’, ask why. Is it because your depressed? Dig into WHY you feel depressed and what triggers it throughout the day. Search for the deeper meaning in everything you ask or hope for.

Once you get crystal clear on what you want or need, you will start noticing things that will get you there. This can be opportunities, or situations that will show up pushing you in that direction.

Once you get clear AND redirect your focus, acknowledging whatever It Is you want, the Universe will always provide opportunities if you’re open. You have to do new things to get you to new places. Remember, that harder you work, the more opportunities just ‘show up’. Prayers don’t work unless you do.

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