This video is all about how to write convincing dialogue. I would have never thought this would be one of my biggest struggles when writing my manuscript, but every character should have their own unique voice. Here are my best tips to help you write convincing dialogue.


1. Tape a conversation, record it and read it on paper. There are interruptions, misdirections and awkward moments. Every conversation doesn’t have an objective and end with that perfect objective. Conversations throughout your book and where you can really make your character’s personalities shine through.

2.If a character is rude or stuck up, avoid contractions.

3.Remember about eighty-percent of communication is not verbal, so make sure to add body language. If you need to focus on one thing at a time, make sure to write your dialogue then go back and add all the body language in between.

4. People misdirect conversations to avoid subjects of conversation. Misdirecting a conversation can be an amazing tool for foreshadowing.

5. If the scene is set up well enough, the reader will follow the conversation. Focus on showing, not telling.

Let me know your favorite tip in the comments below!

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