In this video, we talk about how to strengthen your prose. Whether you are just starting out your manuscript or you are in the final stages of editing, I know you will get something out of this. These questions are all in the book below if you’d like the information to buy it or check it out at your local library:

How To Write Killer Fiction – Carolyn Wheat

1.) Have I used enough sensory language?

2.) Does my description of place adequately reflect the inherent dangers that are going to become overwhelmingly important in Arc Four?

3.) Does my description include my viewpoint characters emotional response to this place?

4.) Have I left out any logistical setup information the reader has to know in order to make the hero’s victory over evil in this place believable?

5.) Have I used absolutely every interesting aspect of this place somewhere in the story?

6.) What things are in this place that can or will be used later on?

7.) Are there any associations or memories associated with the place, that could give rise to some nice secrets or emotional resonance later on?

Hopefully some of these helped you!