This video is all about how receive feedback not only in writing or our workplace, but in life. We are constantly being offered advice and opinions all the time. Whether it be on social media or in person, we are suffocated. Here’s my advice on how to sort those (sometimes unwanted) opinions and what they could really mean.

There are two ways we usually tackle this:

1. Resist and resent those who are giving the criticism/opinion.
2.Take every opinion, and be heavily swayed by it.

When starting my Master’s I was told I take everyone’s feedback too easily. This is something that applied to my life and I never knew about myself. I was receiving feedback on my writing the same way I was receiving feedback in my life. I became a people pleaser. So many of us are!

But one thing I learned was to pay attention when something is mentioned three times or more. Under that, pay no mind unless you choose to. I value people’s opinions always but too many, can cause a deadly habit of trying to please others before pleasing yourself.

Lets use the example that some friends and family are saying they are worried about your drinking habits and how much you’re going out. They are just checking in, but you feel they are being over protective.

Let’s reframe that thinking.

Before : “My family and friends will not let me live my life. I hate that I can’t make my own mistakes. They have so much wrong with them and I never say anything.”

After: “Even if I don’t always agree, they are helping me with what they think will help me live my best life.”

Receiving feedback is a skill. Think of every time you receive a critique and how you react as a lesson. What would your best self do?

Here’s another big question:
How often are we resisting feedback from the universe?

No lesson seems like a blessing at the time. In fact, we always view them as burdens. But how often do we stand in the way of the universe trying to correct our path?

Whether it be a relationship we stayed in too long or a job we hate, sometimes we are doing it for a deeper reason.

Here’s an example. Let’s say your coworkers are really getting under your skin. As negative as they may be, you may be subconsciously resenting them more than you would in a normal situation because you feel unfulfilled at your work environment. Sometimes we focus on little things to focus on rather than focusing on the real issue of not feeling fulfilled everyday at what you’re doing.

The universe will correct us and give us feedback. It’s our choice whether to sit in any negative indicators or understand and acknowledge them, so we can move on.

Let me know in the comments below if this helped you in some way.

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