These were the five critiques I received as soon as I went into my graduate program. I would’ve NEVER guessed this feedback would be so crucial. This advice isn’t just for new writers, but it happened to be feedback for me as a new writer.

1. I took every line of feedback, and fixed it. Someone ended up telling me that was the biggest problem of all. I took everyone’s feedback and tried making ‘tweaks’ to my story in order to please everyones suggestions. Proceed with caution when it comes to reviews. I use the rule of three. When I hear or see one review three or more times, I usually change it.

2. Although I felt my characters were very diverse, one piece of feedback I got was that all of my characters were generally good looking.

3. Going along with number two, not only did my characters need to be more diverse, but my dialogue. My dialogue needed interruptions and more natural hiccups in a conversation.

4. I let friends and people I know personally be beta-readers rather than an actual group of people who love to read and I am not associated with. You will be able to make the proper critiques without becoming sensitive if you’re getting feedback from other writers, not your 10th grade crush.

5. Stop (with intention) when you feel stuck. Stop when your stuck was advice I not only took, but quickly regretted that I took. Make sure if you’re taking a break, you find some inspiration while you do.

Let me know your most valuable feedback in the comments below!

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