Are you ready to FINALLY finish that book you’ve been daydreaming about ?

Are you ready to become the author someone dreams of meeting?

Let’s grow your loyal and engaged audience and elevate your author platform to the level of success that you KNOW you’re capable of.

Do you have writer’s block that you know is caused by fear of failure? Are you constantly giving yourself excuses like, “I don’t have the time” or “I don’t think I’m good enough”?

You and I both know you are good enough, and everything you need to accomplish exactly what you envision is within you right now.

The Universe has a funny way of leading us to the perfect people and giving us signs we are headed in the right direction.

Because you have gotten to this point, I know that YOU KNOW you are meant for something so much more than where you currently are right now.

Sometimes it takes someone outside the situation who can help you feel empowered to reach yourtrue potential  and find the words that are ALREADY inside of you that people are dying to read.  

These coaching sessions are for you if…

You have a book idea you would love to write or feel stuck trying to finish the book you are currently working on and want to finally finish it.

You aren’t in love with your current writing routine and feel apprehension around it. When you actually do make time to write, you may not be hitting your word count goal. 

You feel anxiety or intimidated by the writing process and find yourself constantly comparing or doubting yourself.

You crave more balance in your life.

You feel like you are hustling with little to no result. You need to tap into that alignment but may not fully know how.

You want to build an engaged online community for your author platform.

What If I told you…

Balance and alignment  are going to be our mindset focus.

During our strategy sessions, we are going to dive deep into the topics of balance, alignment, and flow. During the entirety of our sessions, we will be following up with how things are going to ensure lasting change and tools you can implement for years to come. These tools will also help you deep dive immediately into your writing routine in order to get into a flow.

We will create a writing routine you love .

If your writing routine is currently filled with apprehension and anxiety, It doesn’t serve you to write from that place. You may never love the words your writing for your future book because it’s written from a place of intimidation.

Imagine if instead, we found the perfect writing routine for you, where you will maximize your word count, so you can write from a place of confidence. How would it feel if writing started feeling like a passion AGAIN? 

You will finish your book .

That’s right. We are going to develop a plan together and you are going to finish the first draft of your book. Of course, if you are further along in the process or get done faster, we will proceed with the next steps. 

You will build your author platform .

During our strategy session, we will assess your goals, target audience and which platform this would be on. Whether this is creating an author website, or taking your Youtube channel to the next level, we will create a plan for this and map it out. 

This is your time .