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Here are the times I talk about certain things to get the most out of this video:

Makeup: 2:30
Skincare/Body: 10:30
Health: 16:00
Being a Consultant : 18:00

So here are some of the pictures I found that really opened my eyes!

All of that residue is to show how much mineral oil is separated from the product after certain amounts of time. I had no idea what mineral oil was, but mineral oil is made from petroleum. Do your research, seriously. I tried Arbonne skincare first, and since then has been the first time my skin is completely clear. When I started using the makeup, It stayed clear. As a Master’s student my stress is still high, my hormones are still all over the place but one thing has changed – the ingredients I am putting on my skin. Obviously everyone’s skin is different. But never in my life have I had clear skin, and when I did, It was still red and blotchy. THAT’S why I am so passionate about this.

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